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High-temperature furnace heating field

High-temperature furnace heating field

The high-temperature furnace graphite parts produced by our company have the advantages of high density, high temperature resistance, uniform heating structure, good electrical conductivity, high bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance, high chemical purity and high mechanical strength.

They are mainly used for hot processing parts and heating parts of different industrial furnaces (such as vacuum furnaces), such as graphite heating parts, graphite crucibles, graphite molds for vacuum furnaces.

High-temperature furnace heating field            High-temperature furnace heating field            High-temperature furnace heating field

Material Specification

ModelAshContentBulkDensityCompressiveStrengthFlexuralStrengthSpecificResistivityGrain sizeC.T.E
GF 13001.80864011~13204.1
GF 2300.1.85904511~13204.3